My name is Michaela K. Bellisario. I’m an italian-dutch fashion journalist and author. I’m based in Milan and work for the website magazine Iodonna, the women weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera.  I worked for the website Amica and for the magazine A.

I’m proudly blonde, forty plus and have two lovely cats, Duchess and Pisapia
. I wear skinny jeans only and I use exclusively velvet red lipstick (Mac Ruby Woo). 
I’m happily buddhist and love asiatic films. My favorite one: In The Mood for Love of director Wong Kar-Wai.

I wrote six books. The novel, Parlami di lei (Cairo, 2017). With Morellini editore I published Amsterdam-Women Friendly (2014), Tu non mi capisci, dizionario uomo-donna donna-uomo (2010), Felici e Conviventi (2009) e Guida Turistica per fashion victim (2008). In 1999 I wrote a french guide, S’installer en Italie (Rebondir).

Once, at the Seoul Fashion Week, the paparazzi thought I was an italian star. I’ve never been that famous again in my life!

Michaela K.