Publisher: Morellini Editore
Format 12 x 17 
128 pages 
Publication date: September 2014

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Is there a city that is more glamorous and, at the same time, more romantic than Amsterdam? Thanks to this all-female guide you will discover addresses and views outside of the most tourist routes


After over a century there is a king in Holland. The last queen, Beatrice, has abdicated after 123 years of female domination. The traditional feast of the Queen, April 26, is now the  Koningdag . But in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, however, the domain remains en rose: the new lighthouse is Queen Maxima, the Argentine wife of Willem-Alexander. There is no Dutch that you do not love it. Try to ask on the street! Anyone will stop and tell you about it.

In this guide, Amsterdam unveils all its past and its present of women-friendly cities . Because the iconic capital of the Netherlands is not only the red light district, but now a design district, but it is a cosmopolitan city full of excitement, initiatives and ideas. Here then are the addresses of the markets of flowers, antique dealers with their objects from the colonial past, independent boutiques where to shop with a handful of euros. 

But also the hostels, bed and breakfasts and feminine hotels, restaurants and bistros "gezellig", welcoming, to experience the dutch experience in the best way.

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