Guida turistica per Fashion Victim

Yes, no doubt, you are a fashion victim. But there is something missing to be a perfect fashion addicted: have you ever attended a fashion party immediately after the fashion show, with the models.spectinate and the stylist among swarms of journalists? From perfect girls to fashion, you have spied some fashion shows on YouTube, but ignore where the headquarter of the fashion houses are; have you heard about Giorgio Armani's sushi-jap, but will there be a dress code to follow?

You really know everything, but do you have the terrible suspicion that the fashion system, in its most glamorous look, is really far away? This manual will open the doors of this absolutely gorgeous world, accompanying you along the three capitals of Italian fashion, Milan, Rome and Florence. 

How, when, where and how to buy; the calendars of fashion shows, the press offices and who's who in fashion; the jargon to be a page; the trendy gossip sites and sites to keep under control. And to follow the fashion shows? Of course, you need the invitation card, but there is a series of escamotage to get it ...


Subtitle: Fashion in Milan, Florence and Rome

Author: Michaela K. Bellisario

Publisher: Morellini

Necklace: Pink Generation

Pages: 253

Publication: 2008

ISBN / EAN    9788862980241
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