Nicole Kidman in Milan for Omega: “Time is very precious”

Omega’s ambassador Nicole Kidman in Milan (Courtesy Press Office)

Milan, Italy.

Nicole Kidman officially opens Omega’s “Her Time” watches exhibition in Milano the 16th of Sept 2015. Speaking to guests, the actress – Omega brand ambassador – mentioned her love for both the exhibition, and the city where it is held.

Nicole Kidman and me. The photographer didn’t made a great job: she was taller with high heels, I was like a dwarve

As reporter of I asked what does time mean for her.

Nicole Kidman: “It’s precious. I think that as you get older, you realize just how fleeting this whole life is, and it’s about trying to slow down and trying to enjoy life, yet cram everything in. I’m curious about so many things, there are so many books I want to read, languages I want to learn, but at the same time, I love daydreaming, I love just milling around, and get that balance of life, having time to take care of my children. I’m lucky that I have such as strong family unit, I have an incredible husband who is willing to get on planes even just for a night. Three days ago he flew ten hours to come and be with me, then he flew ten hours back and did a gig. That for me is love in action, that’s extraordinary”.

We asked the actress also if she had a spare minute, hour or day for herself, what would she do?

Nicole Kidman: “One minute, I’ll daydream or meditate, I love meditating. An hour free, it depends, probably play, I love getting down onto the floor and playing with my kids, it’s very important to get down there with them for an hour a day, so I do that, and I love that. A day, I love breakfast, it’s my favourite meal! A long, leisurely breakfast, with the papers, then I’d go for a swim, I love the beach, I’m incredibly pale and I wear these incredibly unattractive long rashies*, and people and my kids laugh at me. I love swimming, I love just being with the kids in the garden”.


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