Tu non mi capisci by Michaela K Bellisario

Tu non mi capisci
Authors: Michaela K. Bellisario & Bonometti Stefano
Publisher: Morellini
Necklace: Pink Generation
Pages: 192
Publication: 2011
ISBN / EAN9788862981651

About the Book
• Why do women not keep a secret for more than two days?
• Why do men dream of blondes and women the blue prince?
• Why do women, despite a closet overflowing with clothes, always complain that they have nothing to wear?

And why do men never say “I love you”?

It is now clear: men and women speak different “languages”. And the conclusion is always the same: “You do not understand me!”

This amusing dictionary translates to the masculine and feminine 50 typical everyday situations of men and women. The result is an exhilarating “double-face” guide, written with an ironic touch, to learn how to translate the intentions of the other sex simultaneously. Because the key to everything, to never miss an approach, is only deciphering attitudes, thoughts and behavior of men and women. How do women talk for hours on the phone, always repeating the same things? 

What is hidden behind the compliments made by a man? Why do women want to talk during football matches? Is the friendship between a man and a woman possible? Discover it!

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