Glam 40 by Michaela K Bellisario

Glam 40 Anni
Author: Michaela K. Bellisario
Publisher: Morellini
Pages: 253
Publication: 2017

About the Book
40 is the new 30! Becoming 40 is the first step towards a positive and radiant new life. In ‘Glam at 40’, I explore how to be wiser, and to be the glamorous and sexy woman you’ve always dreamed of being.

“We can be marvelous at 30, great at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life.” (Coco Chanel)

Your 40’s are the new 30’s! They are, above all, the beginning of your new life. I’m talking about it in my new book, ‘Glam at 40’, a manual to find out how to be wiser, more positive and more sexy at this age.

Think about it: you know enough about style, you’re more aware, you have economic possibilities that you did not have before. Life starts again now! And if you do not feel like the woman you wanted to be, follow the advice of our Fashion Emergency team.

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