parlami-de-lei by Michaela K Bellisario

Parlami Di Lei
Author: Michaela K. Bellisario
Publisher: Cairo  
Pages: 288
Publication: 2017

About the Book
Alexandra is forty-two, a loving husband, Andrea, a profession she likes. In the editorial staff of the women’s journal where she works, no one knows yet: she is at the fifth week of pregnancy. She is excited, Alexandra, she had stopped hoping, after all she is no longer a girl. But now the dream of expanding his family is about to come true.

Nine months flow into a bubble of happiness until, suddenly, the dream becomes ashes. And the time of pain arrives. Alexandra can not look at the new reality that has now become hers. He lives one day after the other, in a total anaesthesia of feelings, in the continuous succession of memories of her life before and what remains after. 

Andrea wants to help her to accept, she wants to reconstruct with her what happened. Alexandra, on the other hand, does not want anything. Until a dramatic New Year’s Eve in which all the truth rediscovers the light. A revelation that will lead Alexandra to dig inside herself and go back in search of a reason. Between crossed destinies and unimaginable karmic encounters.

Song of rebirth, novel about pain, book of life, travel in the souls of people who have never forgotten. Tell me about her is a story that affects all of us.

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