Interview with Diane von Furstenberg, “Be the woman you want to be”

Milan, Italy

“Love is life… today is the first day of the rest of your life! Be the woman you want to be… Diane”.

2011 wasn’t a good year for me.

When I first met Diane von Furstenberg I went as a reporter for the woman’s magazine “A”.

Now, exactly four years later, I’m meeting again the inventor of the ’70s iconic “wrap dress”  to discuss her memoirs, “La donna che volevo essere“, a new book published by Marsilio.

Since then so many things have changed. Now I work for “Io Donna“, the woman’s magazine of Corriere della Sera. I’ve also written a book, “Born Twice” (Nata due volte), to be published in 2016. It’s about the tragic life of my daughter, Carolina, and my spiritual and emotional journey afterwards.

A lot of things can happen in four years, so to read Diane ’s book and to meet up with her again face to face was a real pleasure.

She’s such an energetic and charismatic person. I love her motto “Feel like a woman, wear a dress”. Her mission now is to help young women to come out and be the women they are inside.

To quote her: let’s be the women we want to be. Let’s start now.

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Michaela K

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