Tim Anderson, the personal trainer of Madonna: “Harder is better”

Madonna’s personal trainer, Tim Anderson

Milano, Italy

Tim Anderson jumped into Milan. Madonna’s personal trainer come in the city for the opening of a new Hard Candy club, the fitness center linked to the popstar. We tried a gym session with him. God, it was seriously hard! “Harder is better”, loves to remark the ex Material girl.

The lesson was a mix of cardio-dance with aerobics + tonification (many squats) exercises. “Madonna works out six days a week for two hour a day”, Tim told us. “Obviously she got also a personal chef”.

Too loose weight, said Tim, you’ve got to optimize your lifestyle. “If you open your fridge and eat everything, nothing will change on your body”. I know is true, but how can i give up to a good, fresh, healty glass of Prosecco?  


Michaela K

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