Subtitle: Manual for a Perfect Union

Author: Michaela K. Bellisario

Publisher: Morellini

Necklace: Pink Generation

Pages: 191

Publication: 2010

ISBN / EAN9788862980791
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First the 'forgotten' toothbrush in the bathroom , then a t-shirt in the closet ... A romantic weekend, and a holiday for two. We were so good, we never had a fight ... and if we went to live together? This is how most of the cohabitation begins, just like a wonderful film of love ...

Then our beloved partner discovers that we are here, our furniture, our books, our hundred pairs of shoes ... But it will be the same unfortunate moment when we will discover that he has his furniture, his books, his rackets tennis marches and muddy rugby balls ...

Starting a cohabitation can give rise to a thousand doubts: why did we decide to live together? From me or from you? How do we organize our ménage? How do we divide the expenses? And what does the law say? "Happy and cohabiting" tells you everything you need to know so you do not get caught up in front of the Great Pass. 

With a hidden weapon: the advice of Mr. Sweetheart , who will lead us by the hand in the other half of the sky, revealing secrets that no other man would ever dare to confess ...


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